The Itinerary

Plans are coming along for 'Asia 2012,' which is only three months away (I can't believe it). I've been busy contacting artists and nonprofits and making plans and reservations, and the trip is finally starting to take shape. Today I wanted to share the tentative itinerary with you.

I wanted to keep the itinerary somewhat open, to allow for plan changes once we get there. I am anticipating a lot of unexpected things to come up, as they always do when you travel, so I wanted to leave enough flexibility to add new places or take things away.

So far, the itinerary is:
Hong Kong: 4 days

Phuket, Thailand: 7 days

Phnom Penh, Cambodia: 3 days
Kampot, Cambodia: 2 days
Kep, Cambodia: 2 days
Battambang, Cambodia: 2 days
Siem Reap, Cambodia: 5 days
Bangkok, Thailand: 1 day
Delhi, India: 4 days

Varanasi, India: 3 days
Khajuraho, India: 2 days

Agra, India: 2 days

Jaipur, India: 13 days
Jaisalmer, India: 4 days
Udaipur, India: 3 days
Ahmedabad, India: 3 days
Bhuj, India: 18 days
Mumbai, India: 5 days
Ajanta, India: 3 days
Kerala, India: 4 days
Hong Kong: 5 days

And that adds up to just over three months. We will be doing several long stays with short trips in between. There is a lot to fit in to three months, and I'm sure the itinerary will change once we get there as I start getting leads to different places. For now, most of my research will be centered in Jaipur and Bhuj, and then I have a few short two to three day projects lined up in some of the other cities.

If you have any suggestions of things to see in any of those places, let me know! I would love to add more in, or hear about things that are off the beaten path. Did you have any great experiences in any of those places?

All photos by me, from previous trips to India, Hong Kong and Thailand.


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