New Ceramics

Ceramics class is sadly over, but I'm really happy with what came out of it. I came a long way from the too-embarrassing-to-post pots I made the first week. I still can't really throw anything that isn't slightly uneven, but a good glaze will hide anything.

This is the only piece that came out without a single lump or uneven side, because I had a little help from the instructor. Looks pretty good!

The pots with holes are hanging planters: I'm going to tie some string through the holes and add a spider plant that has been looking for a home.

This one is one of my favorites; I used woodblocks from India to print into the clay. I made a whole series of them, but the other ones went missing in the kiln, so this is the only one I was able to keep. I've been eating lunch off of it every day.

A little succulent planter.

So that was it! I really loved taking a class and trying something new, and now I have a new set of homemade dishes in my kitchen. I'll definitely be taking another ceramics class in the future, it was so worth it.


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