Weekend Update with Katharine Watson

Get it? SNL joke.

This is going to be one busy weekend: Saturday is the last Ballston Arts & Crafts Market of the year, and the weather right now says it will be sunny and 75 degrees, which is basically the most perfect weather there is. I'm glad because I don't think I could sit out in the rain again this weekend, after spending the majority of this week wrapped up on the couch recovering from Crafty Bastards.

I'll be there all day Saturday, so stop by from 10 am to 4 pm to take a look.

Then on Sunday I will be doing another trunk show at Nana in Mt. Pleasant! The last one was really fun, it is much more relaxed than doing a craft show because it is just me, a table of stuff and an all-day demonstration. Last time I was doing a printing demo, but this time I will be carving blocks so stop by Nana on Sunday if you want to learn how it's done!

They also just released a new line of clothing, so there is plenty to see at Nana on Sunday. See you there!


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