Around Hong Kong

Somehow in the last two years, Hong Kong has turned back into a foreign country. A lot of my favorite shops and restaurants have closed down and and everything seems to be in a slightly different place than it was before. On the plus side of that, feeling like a tourist allows me to walk around gawking at the sights and taking pictures, not worrying that I look like a tourist even though I feel like a local.

We've spent the last few days wandering around the markets, making dumplings, fabric shopping, and pushing our way through the crowded streets. Markets in Hong Kong are divided by item, and so far we've been to zipper street, knife street, chopping block street, fabric street, bathroom fixture street and a wet market for fish and seafood. With all these categories, there is a seemingly endless supply of markets to visit.

We still have three full days left in Hong Kong, so there is plenty more to see before we head home. And plenty more dumplings to eat.


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