A Week at Sea

We got back from Thailand yesterday, after spending six days exploring the caves and karsts of Phang Nga bay. All the pictures I took are of the ocean, since we didn't set foot on land except to navigate our way through bat caves.

We went through at least four different caves, that twist and turn until you see the light of the landscape at the other end. Each time, I was terrified at the beginning, with visions of The Descent flashing in my head. In the biggest cave, we could see hundreds of bats clinging to the ceiling and occasionally swooping down to fly around the cave. It was at this point that our flashlight died, and we sat in the dark until another group with flashlights passed and we could see our way out.

Other highlights included scuba diving next to a giant sea turtle, and then with a banded sea snake that we later found out was ten times as poisonous as a cobra. But now we are back to the crowds of Hong Kong to spend some time on land, in a very different landscape.


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