Feeding Koi

Last week, we drove about an hour and a half north to a little village just a few minutes from the Chinese border to visit some friends. Since farming is no longer a viable option for people in Hong Kong, a lot of the residents have turned their land into "koi hotels," where wealthy fish owners can guarantee the best care for their prize koi while they are traveling or moving. One man even purchased land in the village and built a $5million house from which he could admire his fish collection.

The koi went crazy for the fish food we threw in, and turned into a roiling, seething mass. There was something about watching them jumping over each other to get to the food that was both disgusting and mesmerizing. Apparently they don't realize they are full, so if you keep feeding them they will just eat themselves to death.

Obviously prize koi are very tricky to take care of, but if you ever need somewhere to store your luxury fish, I know just the place.


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