Urban Gardening

I've read a lot of articles about how "anyone can grow plants in their apartment," or "even a small balcony can be used to grow a garden." Let me tell you, this is not true. I have tried to grow so many vegetables and herbs in my apartment, and they have all withered and died, so I stick to house plants. And not all apartments have a convenient plant-growing balcony: some have rules that you can't put anything on the outside of the building. So, this left us unable to grow the cute little herb gardens people always have in their kitchens in magazines. We were wishing we had some outdoor space to grow things, when we realized there is a one foot piece of cement in front of the car in our parking spot: perfect for an urban garden. In the last month, it has gone from this:

Photo Courtesy of Natalie Shaw
To this!

There are three cherry tomato plants, one big tomato, one eggplant, basil and mint.

So far, the basil and mint are doing really well, and there have been a few delicious cherry tomatoes. Tiny eggplants and tomatoes are just starting to appear on the other two. So far, a success! I will make sure to share some pictures in a month or so when they hopefully start producing delicious vegetables.


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