A New Creative Outlet: Ceramics

One thing about turning your hobby into your job, is that you no longer have a hobby. I used to come home from work and make prints just for fun, but now that I do that all day, I no longer want to spend my free time printmaking. So, I needed a new creative outlet, and signed up for a ceramics class.

I took ceramics in high school, and spent a few hours in the course of four years doing it in college, so my skills are minimal. I was nervous before the first class that I wouldn't know what I was doing (it's geared towards people with an above-beginner skill level), but it is kind of like riding a bike. Once I had the ball of clay in my hand, it came back to me.

A selection of pots I made during the first class; some bowls, some flowerpots, and some undecided vessels that will find a use once they make it home.

At first my goal was just to relax and make a few pots, but now I have a long list of things I want to make, from pitchers to noodle bowls. There are a few being fired right now, but the best part isn't having a cupboard full of new ceramic bowls, it's having a creative outlet at the end of the day, that isn't for sale, isn't for work, and is just for fun.


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