To Gaithersburg!

The last few weeks have been non-stop, driving, setting up shows, taking down shows, and then driving to the next show. And to celebrate the end of the Chantilly Christmas Market last weekend, I came down with a terrible cold and didn't leave my bed for two days. Now I am sitting upright again, and ready to go setup for the next big show tomorrow.

This weekend I will be at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds for the Gaithersburg Sugarloaf, another huge show with over 350 artists. After that it's straight home for Thanksgiving, then back to DC for the Downtown Holiday Market, which I am really looking forward to because it was my first ever market last Christmas! Things have really grown in just a year, and this market will be a really great way to see how much I've progressed: same location, same customers, new products and a completely new look. I can't wait!

Last year's booth setup, photo courtesy of Natalie Shaw. Thanks for getting frostbite for me that day!


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