Some Finished Ceramic Pieces!

Last week was crazy. An earthquake, a hurricane warning and several 16-hour days led me to end the week on a very stressed-out note. We stocked up on water, snacks and movies for the weekend to get ready for the hurricane, but woke up on Sunday to one of the most beautiful days of the year. Instead of sitting at home and watching 13 Going On 30 while the sun was shining, we decided to have a barbecue and ran to the store to get chicken, zucchini and peaches. The predicted storm actually turned into a really fun weekend. Even though the storm passed us by here in DC, there was still a ton of damage in a lot of places, including Vermont where several old covered bridges were swept away by the flooding. I hope everyone reading this is OK!

Last week I got my first ceramic pieces back from the kiln (actually, the second, but the first round was such a disaster that they will never be seen again). I made three bowls, three small vases, a little teacup and a planter. I tried several different glazes to see what I like best, since there is really no way of telling how something is going to look while you are glazing. My favorite is the patterned bowl on the top left (I do love pattern) and I have already glazed a few more pieces with the same design.

This little bowl is another of my favorites: it's a transparent avocado on the inside with white on the outside and the rim.

I made this little teacup that I made to match a mini teapot I bought in San Francisco earlier this year. They don't really look alike, but I still really like this one.

That is just the first round, and there are a lot more pieces in progress. Sadly our class is almost over, so I am rushing to get everything finished up. On Saturday morning I got really in the zone and threw eleven bowls in two hours. So now I have a ton of bowls, if anyone wants to come over for soup.

I'll share pictures of the next batch when they are finished!


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