NSS So Far

I just got back from Day 3 of the National Stationery Show, and it has been amazing so far. I've heard so many nice things from people at the show: buyers, other exhibitors, press. The best part for me has been meeting people whose work I have admired for so long. This morning, I came back to my booth after getting a snack to find a note from the amazing Lotta Jansdotter congratulating me on my great work. I couldn't believe she had been there, so I found her a few aisles down and had a great conversation with her, it was so surreal!

I also got to meet the amazing women of Minted who were incredibly friendly and smart, and I got to schmooze with them for a while. Other highlights were meeting Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., seeing faces behind all my favorite cards, especially the T.Hanks card, and meeting people who own stationery stores around the country.

There's one more half-day left, and I'll definitely be sad to rip the booth down at the end of the day tomorrow. After working so much for the last six months to get it ready, it's been great to see it come to life, and to share what I've been working on with so many people.

Right now, I'm looking forward to spending one more day at the show, and then I will really need the massage I booked for Thursday. Standing, selling and smiling all day is exhausting.

Thanks to everyone who has made it a great show so far, and if you're at the show tomorrow, make sure to stop by Booth # 1256!


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