New Monogram Cards are Here!

I have been waiting for months to share this with you: the new monogram cards are finally here! A whole alphabet of hand-carved linoleum blocks, each with a different floral or geometric border.

You can use them as thank you cards, get your initials, spell out words and make banners, or use the ampersand to make a perfect wedding gift. They will be debuting this weekend at Arts on Foot right here in Washington, DC. Arts on Foot goes all day on Saturday and Sunday, outside the National Portrait Gallery, and we're hoping the sun comes out and dries up the city before then.

In addition to the cards, I will also be debuting the new monogram tote, a cotton tote bag with your choice of three initials on it.

Both items will be sold first at Arts on Foot, but I will be adding them to the online shop next week for those of you outside DC.

If you're in the area, come take a look this weekend! I'll leave you with a preview of the cards in progress, and check back next week to see the full alphabet, and for information about when you can buy online.


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