Arts on Foot, and a One Year Birthday!

Image from the amazing food blog Sprouted Kitchen
This blog is one today! I won't be having a huge 50% off sale again to celebrate, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been reading for the past year. Here's to another great year!

Arts on Foot was this past weekend, and although it was a very different atmosphere than last year, it was still a great show. It was a quiet weekend in DC (as it should have been), with none of the crowds and excitement of last year, but it was great to see everyone who stopped by. And the new monogram cards were a huge success! They were flying off the shelves, and should be up in the online store this week. I will let you know when they are ready, and hopefully they will fly off the online shelves as well!

I made a "Hand Block Printing" banner with the cards, I love the look of them all strung together.

Hi Joe! 

I also had monogrammed tote bags for sale this weekend which were a hit, and I'll be adding them to the store this week too.

All packed up at the end of the weekend, ready to load up the car. The perfect time to enjoy some beers and dumplings at one of the only Chinese restaurants in DC's "Chinatown."


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