What a weekend

This weekend I had a booth at the Arts on Foot festival in Penn Quarter. The stars must have aligned the night before because the weather was perfect, the crowds were huge, and there were some really great people stopping by the booth. I went from a little anxious about being completely self-employed to being over the moon.

For the first time at a market, I was doing a demo on how to carve linoleum blocks, with a big new piece I am working on. Kids got to try it, people stood and watched, but most importantly it really drew people in. I didn't hear the question "So where do you import this stuff from?" once all day, and more than one person left the booth vowing to try it themselves when they got home. I'll never do a show without my carving tools again.

Here's the piece I was working on at the market:

The final version will be available as tea towels or framed prints, and should be ready soon! Now I have to make sure I have another carving in the works for the next show.

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and made it such a huge success!


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