To Make in 2012

The year is winding down, and my plan for Christmas involves a lot of pajama-wearing and crafting. I've also started to think of some long-term projects that I'd like to get started on, since I haven't made anything non-business-related in a long time. Here are a few projects from around the web I'm thinking of working on in the next year:

Oh, Fransson
A quilt. My mom and I have been collecting fabric scraps for years (she has some that have been waiting to be used for twenty years) and I've been saving the extra pieces from all the coin purses I've sewed this year. I want to make a big, complicated bedspread; something that will take a long time to finish, so I've been collecting some pattern inspiration. I think I'm going to go with blues and reds like the image above, and work with a triangular pattern.

Michelle McCormick


Purl Bee


Purl Bee
I'd also like to start using the bagfuls of yarn I have stashed in the closet. I love the look of the granny squares in the second image. The same pattern as the originals, but an updated color scheme from the 70s black-and-neon quilts I remember.
Wood and Wool Stool

I really like the idea of these faux cyanotypes from Geninne. I got a Sunprint kit for Christmas last year, and hoped to post the results here, but it was a disaster. I realized that the only sunny place I had access to was my roof, and the day I went up there was so windy that the paper flew all over the place. I think I could do one of these in a more controlled environment.

I saw this painting and it really caught my eye; I like the way it looks like it was done quickly, but also contains so much intricate pattern. It was a good reminder that I'd like to get back into painting.

Design Work Life
I love both of these candles, and especially the Chinese bowl, I thought it would be a really easy project to throw in to this list of extremely ambitious projects. Now to find the time!

Design Sponge



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