Tie Dyes and Plaids

Four more textiles for day four!

All of the textiles are old or antique, meaning they are valuable but could also have small stains, discolorations or holes from years of use. None of these take away from the aesthetic of the piece however, and in many cases it adds to it as you can see that the piece has been used for years. 

There will be a flat shipping fee of $7, even if you purchase more than one piece on different days. So feel free to order more than once and not worry about extra shipping charges. And now, on to the textiles: 

Piece #11 is a ralli from Kutch made of plum-colored tie dye fabric with a black, yellow and red border. The whole piece is hand stitched and quilted with white thread. This piece uses older fabrics that are stitched together to form a quilt, and the finished piece is around 30 years old. It measures 72" x 49".


Piece #12 is a Bengali kantha made from recycled saris, and is unusual because of the diamond-patterned stitching. The back is green, and the front uses pieces of pink, green and purple fabric, as well as patches of other bright colors, as a back for the intricate embroidery. This piece measures 84" x 52".


Piece #13 is a Bengali kantha quilt using green, navy and orange recycled sari fabric. It is quilted with white thread and measures 86" x 50".


Piece #14 is a Bengali kantha in oranges and reds, that uses a large piece of cotton with brocade (the yellow and red shapes you see below are woven into the fabric) and also has unusual diamond embroidery. This piece uses black thread rather than white for the quilting, and is unusual because of the mix of fabrics and the intricate embroidery work. Measures 92" x 66" (this is the largest of the kanthas).



Piece #15 is another unusual Bengali kantha, made entirely of different brightly colored striped and plaid fabrics. This quilt is thicker than the other kanthas with more lining material, and has smaller quilting stitches holding the extra fabric together. The choice of fabrics on this piece was excellent, with the different geometric stripes and plaids complementing each other and working with the stitching. This piece measures 70" x 52".


Make sure to check back tomorrow at 9 am for one more round of textiles!


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