Three Days in Hong Kong

We started our Asia tour with three days in Hong Kong to visit my parents. They live on a boat "way out" in the 'burbs (only about twenty minutes outside the city, but in Hong Kong terms it might as well be Mars), so we spent a lot of time shuttling back and forth to the city. With only three days to see everything, I scheduled every minute with activities, which mostly included eating and drinking.

We celebrated New Year's Eve with bottle service (!) at a karaoke bar, with a lot of people I hadn't seen since high school. The whiskey bottles came with the karaoke room, and the only available mixer was green tea, so I discovered a new favorite drink:

1 part whiskey
2 parts iced green tea
4-5 ice cubes

Drink copious amounts while loudly singing Backstreet Boys songs, and enjoy.


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