Summer Quilts

Summer is almost here (I hope!) and I have big news about our summer quilts today! I've decided to focus on selling them retail and stop wholesaling them, and because of the way wholesale pricing works (you can learn more about that here), I am able to lower the retail price!

They are now available for $280 instead of the original price of $320. These are lightweight, summer quilts that I use alone during the summer and then over a comforter in the winter. Also perfect for cuddling up in during a Law & Order marathon (this statement has been tested for accuracy).

The quilts are entirely handmade in Kutch, India (read more about the trip I took to make them here). To start the process, I carved the design in linoleum, then sent it to India to be re-carved in hardwood. The design is then hand block printed with a mud-resist paste and dip-dyed in natural indigo dye. Then two layers (one printed and one solid indigo) are stitched together by hand to create the finished quilt. Just like indigo-dyed jeans, the quilts get softer the more you use them.

You can find the quilts in the shop right here. Happy almost summer!


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