Scenes from this Weekend

After the non-stop fun and exhaustion of last weekend, this weekend was a much needed rest. On Saturday, we drove out to the arboretum, or "DC's Best Kept Secret" as it is otherwise known. Nestled between a car-repair shop and several carry-out restaurants are hundreds of acres of trails, themed gardens and picnic spots. We had planned to go for a bike ride, but Saturday was incredibly windy, so the bike ride was downgraded to a picnic. We found a spot overlooking the Anacostia River from the Asian Garden, which led to many jokes about me feeling at home.

On Sunday, Joe and I got up early and headed over to set up at Eastern Market. When we got there, the line of vendors waiting to get in was huge. Because of the nice weather, they had an unexpected number of people show up and no space for everyone they had accepted. After waiting for an hour, we were told that the market was full but we were first in line for next week. So next Sunday I will definitely be at Eastern Market!

That left us with a full day with no plans, which hasn't happened in approximately a year. So we walked over to the hardware store, bought a gallon of paint and painted the bedroom "Jade Isle."

When we were in New York a few weeks ago, Karen gave us several half cans of paint that were left over from years of different projects. Now that the bedroom is done, we will be tackling the living room with ten cans of different colors. Hopefully we will have time for that before another year has passed.


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