Portrait Quilts

While reading FiberArts magazine last week, I found out that the magazine is sadly closing (I knew I should have started my subscription sooner). It was always a great read to find new artists and interesting new works in fiber. FiberArts, you will be missed.

In that issue, I also discovered the work of Luke Haynes, a quilt artist who uses traditional quilting techniques to make realistic and modern portrait work. I loved the quilts that were featured in the magazine, and I was incredibly surprised to find out this morning that they are being sold in his Etsy Shop. So if you like his quilts, you can head over there to buy a piece of his art.

Can you believe these are quilts? I love the way he does shading with not only different shades of color but different patterns as well. I especially like the detailed backgrounds and how he combines the quilt pattern with the imagery on top. Beautiful work!

All photos via www.lukehaynes.com


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