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I was very late to join Pinterest because I was so loyal to my desktop folder full of saved images, but I finally made the switch and wish I had done it earlier. Pinterest is a site that lets you collect images from all over the web and put them all in one place, so you can easily see everything together.

I started to notice a very cohesive look to the images I was saving, so I thought I would share a little of what has been inspiring me lately:

Quilt via Cassandra Ellis
Embroidery via Purl Bee
Quilt via Style-Files
Watercolors via Caitlin McGauley
Flowers via Marisa Dukowitz
Fabric samples via 100LayerCake
Travel Journal via EmersonMade
Flowers via Brides Cafe
Map collage via Geninne
Postage stamp via here
Textiles via An Indian Summer
Block Print via Hand/Eye Magazine
Framed scarves via Style-Files
Quilts via Vineet Kaur

For more, you can see all the images I have collected right here.


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