New Studio

I'm finally moved into the new studio! Just a few months ago, this corner of the garage was just a pile of old flowerpots and broken plywood, but with some shelving and a precarious move of the printing press, it's now a fully functioning workspace. I still have a few more things to move in and some organizing to do, but I wanted to share photos now that it is up and running. Take a look!

We rolled the press across the snowy driveway with two plywood boards and a pallet jack, worrying the whole time that it would roll into the ice and slide down the driveway. Luckily, it stayed put on the jack and we got it safely to its new home with no injuries.

I'll be posting more photos once everything is completely set up (there is a trip to IKEA scheduled in the near future), although I'm not promising it will stay clean and organized for long. And, you can see more behind the scenes posts from past studios here.


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