New Prints in the Shop!

On Friday, I spent six straight hours listing new items for the shop. That's a whole lot of new items. I'll give you a little sneak peek here, but make sure to head over to see all the new additions.

First up, a new leaf print that will soon be popping up everywhere on coin purses.

The next new print is a block printed version of a popular screen print I sold last year, with a few modifications. I wanted to do something similar to a very traditional block print design, but with a twist. I think the stripes on the leaves and paisleys add something more modern to the design.

And finally, the finished coin purses sewn from the fabric I shared last week. A blue and white version of this print.

So feel free to head over to the shop and check out the rest of the new additions! And at this rate, there will be plenty more to see in the next few days!


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