Mustards, greens and, pinks

Day three, and I have three more beautiful textiles to show you today!  

All of the textiles are old or antique, meaning they are valuable but could also have small stains, discolorations or holes from years of use. None of these take away from the aesthetic of the piece however, and in many cases it adds to it as you can see that the piece has been used for years. 

There will be a flat shipping fee of $7, even if you purchase more than one piece on different days. So feel free to order more than once and not worry about extra shipping charges. And now, on to the textiles: 

Piece #8 is an appliqued ralli quilt from Sindh, Pakistan and was made by the Sumra community. It has a very unusual, modern style, even though it's around 50 years old. It shows the forward thinking of the woman who made it! This quilt probably uses a mix of natural and chemical dyes (it can be hard to tell sometimes what is a natural dye and what is an expert replica), with natural yellows, oranges, greens and some of the black colors using natural dyes. The electric pink applique in the middle is definitely chemical, as no plant can make a neon fuchsia dye.

The back of this quilt is made of over-dyed recycled lungis, so is completely plaid. 

This is one of my favorite pieces we brought back, I love how unique it is compared to the other traditional quilts we saw, despite the age of the piece. This quilt measures 80" x 50".

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Piece #9 is another Bengali kantha made of recycled saris, with a pink and green color palette. It is quilted with white thread and measures 84" x 50".

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Piece #10 is another Bengali kantha made with recycled saris, and also has a pink and green color palette with highlights of purple. This piece is quilted with white thread and measures 84" x 52".

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Make sure to check back again tomorrow morning at 9 am for more quilts! There are only two days worth of textiles left, and I saved a few of the best for last, so don't miss it!


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