Looking for a Sewing Assistant

Big news today everyone: I'm looking to hire someone! Find the details below, and email me at katharinegwatson [at] gmail [dot] com. (Don't forget the middle initial G in there!)

The Specifics:

I am looking for someone with excellent sewing skills and an interest in textiles, printmaking, crafts or all of the above. You should be hard-working, organized and detail-oriented, and able to meet deadlines.

I am hiring someone to help with the sewing side of the business in the lead-up to Christmas. I will do all the printing, and give you pieces to finish. You do not have to be based in the DC area as we can send work back and forth in the mail. If you do not live in DC, you should have a webcam for meetings.

This is a part-time, PAID (!) position, and you will be compensated at a generous per-piece rate. We will discuss the rate over email during the application process. Since it is per-piece, the more you are able to work, the more money you can earn. In addition, perks include lots of free prints and learning more about running a small business.

The position will run from now until Christmas, with the possibility of staying on after if you are interested.

To apply, please email me at katharinegwatson [at] gmail [dot] com, with a resume or summary of your work experience, and a few images that demonstrate your sewing skills. While the skills needed are intermediate, I would love to see what you can do!

If you think this description fits you, send me an email!


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