Home again

We're back from warm and sunny San Francisco to cold and icy DC. It was an amazing trip filled with beach trips, taffy, thrift store shopping, delicious food eating, and lots and lots of karaoke. Taylor and I finally had a chance to sing "I Will Always Love You" again, and we didn't miss a single note. It was epic.

Above is a collection of things from the trip: a card from Virgin America which I loved. Despite having to pay $8 for movies, the colored lights and happy flight attendants seemed to make it worth it. Transfers from the trolley which we rode home one afternoon, a business card from Boccalone where we bought pancetta which Joe made into a delicious dinner, a business card from Beretta where we ate dinner outside! In January! And Humphry Slocombe ice cream where Taylor used to work and I sampled the Honey Thyme ice cream. Yum.

Amazing views at Tennessee Beach, where we hiked to the top of a cliff and I had a brief moment of vertigo. But the view was incredible.

It was so nice to travel for the weekend, and we realized that it was actually faster and cheaper overall than a trip to New York: a five hour direct flight during a not-too-popular travel weekend, and we didn't spend hundreds of dollars on cabs, food and shopping. Overall, it was a perfect trip. See you again soon, San Francisco!


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