Hello 2014

Obviously it has been 2014 for a while now, but things have been a little crazy around the studio. Usually January is my time to organize and regroup after the madness of the holidays, but this year that didn't quite happen. I came straight back to a huge number of wholesale, retail and custom orders plus a giant reorder from Crate & Barrel (no complaints here, it feels amazing to be so busy in January, just a little unexpected).

2014 is going to be a big year. Next month I am heading out on another big trip (more about that later), plus gearing up for my fourth year at the National Stationery Show. I have a lot of new products just sitting in my brain right now, and I'm waiting for that magical downtime to come so I can get them on to paper.

For now I am working to get this Crate & Barrel order out, which means long days on the press followed by lots of wedding invitation design for all those upcoming summer weddings. Basically it's the perfect excuse to not go outside in this -20 degree weather.

Also, the 2014 calendars are almost sold out so if you've been wanting one, get it now! There are only a few left on the shelves.

Here's to a busy 2014!


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