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One of the things I spend a lot of time doing is custom work, but I rarely remember to take photos. I've had quite a few custom projects going in the last few weeks though, and thought I would share them all at the same time.

Usually, people will meet me at a craft fair or find my website, and ask for a different version of something I already have, or for a specific item for their home. Then there are projects that are almost totally unrelated to my work, but use similar techniques or materials. All of the following projects were commissioned, so someone will send me an idea and I will make that thing for them. Sometimes, the person knows exactly what they want, and other times there is a lot of artistic freedom. Take a look:

These pillows are an example of a project with total creative freedom; she asked for two pillows, and I decided to go for white patterns on navy. I love the way the white ink stands out, and might have to make one for my own couch.

I'm planning on adding a few of these to the shop for Christmas.

This fabric was for one of my favorite customers (my mom). While she was helping me at the National Stationery Show, she fell in love with the white flowers on blue, and she's going to use the fabric to reupholster a foot stool. Hopefully she will let me share pictures when it's finished.

This huge painting was a really fun project to work on: it is 40" x 60" and was commissioned to hang in a specific place in an apartment. She liked the smaller canvasses I have at craft shows (like this one) and wanted to turn it into a big statement piece. I love the way it turned out, and it was really nice to work on a large scale again.

I also worked on a series of monogrammed tote bags for a family that each got one in a different color. I started selling these at Arts on Foot in September, and have been making custom ones since then. I really like the look of the different letters printed all together:

This last project is completely different than something I would normally do, and was commissioned as part of Hoff's Harmonica Cases. This was the second harmonica case I have made for him, the first one was a block print on fabric, and this time he wanted to make a case out of the actual block. Hoff comes to all the craft shows in DC, so he updates me regularly on his Harmonica Case Project. I love the idea of commissioning hundreds of different artists to make the same thing, and seeing what different ideas they come up with.

Do you have an idea for a custom project? I won't be doing any custom work between Christmas and April, while we are traveling in Asia, so let me know now and it can be finished in time for the holidays! I would love to hear your ideas!


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