Christmas in New York!

I have some exciting news to announce today: this Christmas, I will be creating the ornaments for the Lincoln Square Christmas tree in New York! It will be a collaboration with Folk Arts Rajasthan, an organization run by my dear friend, and together we will be decorating the entire enormous tree.

This is such a huge project and I'm so excited to be working on it. If you are in New York, the tree lighting is in Dante Park in Lincoln Square on November 28th, so come by and say hello!

I have around 350 ornaments to paint, print and varnish in the next three weeks, so even though it isn't even Halloween yet, I am in full Christmas production mode.

The ornaments are wooden, and each one is block printed with a design (some that you've seen before, some that will be new), and varnished to stand up to the elements all winter. I am making two sizes: one the size of a dinner plate that will be on the actual Lincoln Square tree, and a smaller 4" version that will be sold through in my shop as well as through the American Folk Art Museum shop. 10% of all the profits from this project will go to Folk Arts Rajasthan to support their programs in Jaisalmer, India. You can read more about the work they do on their website.

This is what the floor of my apartment will look like for the next few weeks, it turns out that painting 350 ornaments takes up a lot of space. A huge thank you to my amazing intern Kelly for doing this coat of paint!

I am so excited to be able to share this news with you today! I have already been working on this project all summer, and it is finally getting close enough to share. So save the date and come to the Christmas tree lighting on November 28th!

Tree photo via here


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