Back in the Studio

Yesterday was my first day in the studio in over three months, and also the most productive day I have ever had. The reason: no internet. We are living at my parents' house in Vermont for the summer while I get ready for the Stationery Show, so that we can have some time to work and save money before looking for a new place to live. I'm using a spare bedroom as my studio, and while most of the house has internet, this room does not.

I would have days in DC when I would try not to use the internet, but I still had my phone and would occasionally check email or Facebook. There is no cell service here, so I spent the entire day yesterday working with no distractions. It was incredible. In one day, I finished a big order that came in last week, half of the new designs for the Stationery Show, started working on my new business cards, and still had time to go for a walk after lunch.

While we were in India, I made a lot of sketches and took a lot of photos (so many that my hard drive is full and my computer is now going at a snail's pace) but I didn't do any complete designs. So yesterday I went through all those sketches and photos and got my actual designs down on paper.

At this rate, I'll have hundreds of new designs to share in the next month.


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