A New Bag

For the last few months, I've been looking for the perfect bag to take on the trip. I needed something small enough to take everywhere, but big enough to fit a camera and a notebook, and it had to have a zipper so nothing would fall out during long train or plane rides.

I tried a few different bags, but couldn't find anything that fit all of those requirements. Then I found a small piece of fabric that I bought in Japan more than ten years ago, and wanted to make something out of it. I realized that the only way to find the perfect bag was to make it myself.

I was supposed to have a show last Saturday, but due to the surprise snowstorm, it was canceled (and I'm so glad it was, it was freezing here). So instead of shivering outside, I used my new-found free time to finally get around to making the bag.

Since the fabric I wanted to use wasn't big enough to make the whole bag with, I used some coordinating navy fabric for the top section and the lining. I made it exactly like a coin purse, but much bigger (it's 12 inches wide), and added tabs on each side to clip the strap on.

The faux-leather strap came from another bag that I bought online, hoping it would fit all of my above requirements, but when it arrived it was too small to fit a camera or a sketchbook. Luckily, the strap was detachable so I can still use both bags.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and have been carrying it around since. It's the perfect little travel bag, and I love the contrasting leather strap. Now to fill it with my sketchbook and watercolors, and hit the road.


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