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Original Katharine Watson Encaustic Painting

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An original encaustic painting by Katharine Watson. Painted in her Portland, Maine studio, handmade and one-of-a-kind.

Encaustic is a wax-based medium, and the technique features layers of wax that are brushed on to the surface and heated to make them permanent. 

The piece is approximately 7" x 10" on a flat wooden panel. 

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Stoler
So pretty to look at!

I love my new painting. It is in a medium that I've never been exposed to and in fact i'm so interested I'm taking a fundamental class in printing this July. I can't wait to discover new skills . I love the simplicity of the print and the colors speak to me. All of Katharine's designs are lovely and I find peaceful. I''m so honored to be able to add this painting to my collection!


I love the texture and interest that the encaustic process adds to the more refined block print. Lovely combo!

Beautiful piece of artwork!

We love it.

Deeva Shah
Gorgeous Piece

I loved my framed linoleum block. The frame was really well made and the piece itself was gorgeous. I bought the set of three to put up together and I cannot wait to see them mounted on my office wall. I love knowing that these block have been used to print other pieces of art.